Traditional Wooden Arrows


In the Medieval time Traditional Wooden Arrows used to be made from a single piece of wood with a groove on each end where the arrow point could be inserted and the other side that would go onto the string of the bow.

The fletching was then applied by using a string to wrap around the bottom of the fletching spot of the shaft and then spiraling upwards towards the nock at the top of the arrows to hold the fletching securely.

The fletching was typically from feathers of goose, dawn, ducks, and pretty much any other big feathered bird. The size of the fletching helps stabilize the arrow altough the bigger the fletching the slower the arrow will travel.

These arrows are still “Traditional Wooden Arrows” as they are made by a single piece of wood and have “medieval” or Shield stile fletching. They do however a plastic nock on the tops of the arrow instead of a self nock to facilitate the insertion onto the string and also to enter certain competitions.

Unfortunately self nocks are not allowed in some competitions for various reasons.

The Fletching is sintetic feathering and is glued onto the shaft so that it doesn’t come off as easily as with the whipping method. The spines are also up to 70 pounds so that it may withstand the power of certain bows.

The Fletchings come in different colors and sizes depending on availability.

The Spine id up to 70 LBS and total length varies from 29 to 39 inches.

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