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Hi there fellow bow Lovers and welcome to the about me page of Soul Archer!

My name is Matt and I am a Traditional Archery Enthusiast and creator of Soul Archer!

I started frequenting different archery ranges at the age of 16 getting in touch with archery and standard re curve bows that you find at every archery range around in Perth.

I continued on and off for about 6 years until I decided I wanted to try and get into Traditional Archery instead of using sights and gadgets to achieve a good and accurate shot.

I purchased my first Traditional Bow around August 2011. It was a Mongolian Horse bow purchased from Ebay.

I then started practising archery regularly in my back yard and various archery ranges. I then decided to sell the bow as It was too hard to pull for me and my form was suffering from it. The next bow I purchased was the same as the one I bought but as a 40 pounds and I enquired if he were to supply me with 10 bows if I could become his re-seller in Australia. That is where the journey began for me and I now steadily import different types of bows from Hungary and China.

My goal is to build a large community of Traditional Archers in Perth so that we can all get in touch with our Ancestry and history of the world by making Traditional bows Affordable and readily available to everyone.

We work with some of the best Suppliers of Hungarian bows and are the only importers of Istavan Toth Bows in Australia.I have always felt that Traditional Archery in Australia could do with some affordable and great looking Traditional Bows.

Although I am not a large operation I do know that I am one of the only importers of Traditional Archery and Mounted Archery Equipment in the Whole of WA!So without Further ado let’s get shooting! If you are as passionate as I am about Archery in Australia then take your time to leave suggestions and questions or even how to improve the site!

Thank you everyone and let me know if you have any questions!

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